Friday, March 9, 2012

A Morning View of Sampaloc Lake, San Pablo City, Laguna

* three views of Sampaloc Lake in the morning

A longish vacation from work enabled me to rummage through the jumble of my files, to sleep with no worries of waking up late, and to make the most of my free times by just surfing the internet for poetry submissions. Besides these, the proximity of Sampaloc Lake was a strong attraction for me. Having been a frequent visitor of the nearby park (See my post on Doña Leonila Park) since my childhood days, I thought it better to make a short walk (or jog, depending on the day’s weather). For several days I prodded my sister to go with me but ended up visiting Dagatan Boulevard alone. The light heat that tingles your skin coupled with the slight breeze has become some sort of therapy, a drug which makes you forget, even for a short while, the worries of the present.
One would observe that new view decks have been installed already and one can only expect to see more in the coming months. A new plan was brewed in my mind during my visit: rent a boat for a ride in Sampaloc Lake’s calm waters.


  1. shots are good...

  2. ui. nagbagong bihis ang back trails.. maaliwalas nang tignan...

    ang ganda ng view sa sampaloc lake.. masarap mag-chillax

  3. Na-inspire na i-make-over ang blog e, hehe.
    Kelan tapos ng mountain hikes escapades mo?
    Let's conquer Quezon!

  4. Galing tlag ni Sir... THanks for sharing these

  5. after ko akyatin ang Arayat bandang sa April 1, rest muna ako sa bundok.. balik ako sa heritage trips.. tara nang mag town hopping sa Quezon.

  6. wow these are beautiful.
    i always love the fresh air and great view at Sampaloc Lake.

  7. Do visit the lake again Inah. There are new promenades put up along the lake shore for visitors and local townsfolk alike. And thanks for for making my posts on San Pablo as reference for your project. Keep in touch!