Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food for the Trails: Susan’s Lomi Haus, Santa Maria, Laguna

* Susan’s Lomi Haus and Pancit Guisado

* a treat of lomi!

Consider this a publicity of sort, dear reader. We may have been ravenous during our brief side trip to the town proper of Santa Maria, Laguna but the food at Susan’s Lomi Haus was simply superb. The store not only offers lomi but also pancit guisado. Couple it with halo-halo which can be bought from an adjacent store.

* the type of tricycle seen on the streets of Santa Maria, Laguna

* the facade of the building housing FLECO or First Laguna Electric Company

* a modest house found in Santa Maria, Laguna

A walk is good after a good eat and so we just took a short walk through the streets near the market place and made a random sight-seeing activity. Perhaps a revisit through the town center would be good.

(Will post here our experiences during the Makipamuhay XVII, an immersion activity organized by the school where I used to work.)


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