Friday, March 2, 2012

The Miguel Malvar Shrine, Sto. Tomas, Batangas

* General Miguel Malvar’s monument inside the Malvar Shrine compound

* Malvar Shrine marker unfortunately vandalized by some stupid individual(s)

* interior of the Gen. Malvar Memorial Library

If there is any person of considerable fame who ‘strikes home’ to me (exempting the Laguna boy named Jose Rizal) that would be Miguel Malvar, the well known guerrilla a fighter and leader from the province of Batangas. A long-standing plan of ours was to visit the Miguel Malvar Shrine which I had difficulty in finding (which was surprising when I finally located it; read the directions below for reference).

The Miguel Malvar Shrine definitely stands in irony in the town of Santo Tomas. Being surrounded by busy and noisy highways and roads, the shrine area is surprisingly calm, especially in the late afternoon. One can free one’s children to play in the carefully trimmed grasses and enjoy the afternoon breeze while looking up the ever majestic Mount Maquiling.

* a bust of Malvar presented apparently during
his 100th birthday celebration

* one of the famous photos of the already guerrilla Miguel Malvar

* a painting of Malvar in what appears to be a Rayadillo uniform

* an old photo of the Malvar monument
on display inside the
Malvar Shrine

* a tomb? or simply a memento inside the Malvar Shrine?

* a wall wide painting of Miguel Malvar

* a Katipunero bronilla of Liliw, Laguna; allegedly from the Malvar Brigade

* a rayadillo uniform on display

As one enters the Shrine compound you will see the imposing monument dedicated to General Miguel Malvar (which some kids use as target for their pellet guns). A marker just below it reads:

“Miguel Malvar 1865-1911: Isinilang sa Baryo San Miguel, Santo Tomas, Batangas noong Setyembre 27, 1865 sa mag-asawang Maximo Malvar at Tiburcia Carpio[.] Unang nag-aral sa paaralan ni Padre Valerio Malabanan[.] Naging gobernadorsilyo ng Sto. Tomas noong 1892. Isa sa kauna-unahang sumapi sa himagsikang Pilipino laban sa mga Kastila noong 1896. Kahuli-hulihang Pilipinong Heneral na sumuko sa mga Amerikano noong Abril 18, 1902. Namatay noong Oktubre 13, 1911.”
* an old photo of the Malvar Mansion found in San Pablo City, Laguna

* souvenir programs from past Malvar Day celebrations

* a painting depicting a meeting between Emilio Aguinaldo and Malvar

* a painting depicting Malvar’s battle in Tayabas

* books on sale in Malvar Shrine

A note adequate enough to say a few pertinent details about this hero, but not enough to expound his contributions to the critical events in Philippine history: the Philippine Revolution of 1896 and the Philippine-American War in which he figured. As I have said in an earlier blog post, there is book which is particularly illuminating with regards to Malvar’s early life and life after all those wars. The book’s title is “Miguel Malvar and the Philippine Revolution: a Biography” by Doroteo Abaya and Bernard Karganilla, and edited by Edberto Malvar Villegas.

* the young Miguel Malvar

* photos of Miguel Malvar’s relatives

* facsimile of what appears to be a KKK telegram

* a typewritten letter dated October 31, 1911

* a telegram sent to Malvar in 1911

Inside the Shrine are treasures, ranging from painting depicting Malvar or his battles in different places in the country (understandable as one could not have possibly carry all the time a bulky equipment such as a camera), photos (related to him, his men, and during this time) and important documents related to the general himself. Too bad we were not able to meet with the officer-in-charge of the place as mentioned in other blogs.

* an article in Manila Bulletin dated October 12, 1965 discussing who between
Malvar and Simeon Ola was the last leaders to surrender to the Americans

* a Manila Times article dated September 27, 1962
discussing that Malvar was once the president of the Philippines

* a Taliba article announcing the death of Malvar

* a ticket for the Malvar Centennial Program

* view of the town hall of Santo Tomas from the Malvar Shrine

The place is devoid of any pomp, deeply reflecting the life that was lived by the General. One suggestion only would be that the newspapers on display in the shrine be scanned so that digital copies would enable them to survive the passing of the time.

* a calming view of Mount Maquiling from Malvar Shrine

[How to go to Malvar Shrine, Sto. Tomas, Batangas: From Manila, one must board a bus bound for Lucena City, Quezon. Drop off at Jollibee Sto. Tomas near Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sto. Tomas Campus. Walk through the street just beside Jollibee until you reach Malvar Shrine found on the right side.]


  1. wow. so sino nga ba ang huling sumuko? hehe. mas marami akong nabasa na si Simeon Ola ang last general..

    this is an excellent post.

  2. Sino nga ba? [Consults notes. Still confused.] Pagkakaalam ko si Simeon Ola nga e,hehe. Thanks for dropping by Ivan.