Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Festive Atmosphere in Batangas City’s Basilica Menor de Immaculada Concepcion

* a fresh look at facade of
Basilica Menor de Immaculada Concepcion

* a view of the bell tower

* the church grounds in Batangas City

* the imposing church entrance

A visit to Taal (details to be posted here soon) via the lower ground of the province of Batangas necessitated a side trip to the provincial capital Batangas City. Since I am yet to make a thorough run down of the city’s streets, I contented myself with revisiting the Basilica Menor de Immaculada Concepcion (see my earlier post about Batngas City and the church here).

* the spiral staircase leading to the bell tower

* a painting seen on the inside wall of the church

* view of the high ceiling of the church

It was a Sunday and I was surprised to notice the festive mood on the surroundings of the church. It was as if I was in a town fiesta: children are playing on the grounds fronting the church, little birds for sale chirped from their small cages, and your vision is painted with the multiple colors of balloons and banderitas. Not bad for brief side trip.


  1. very nice and huge church... i love the paintings on the ceiling... it is so regal... :)

  2. It might have been fairly difficult to design the ceiling but the result is simply superb.

    Thank you for dropping by Sir.