Friday, July 6, 2012

A Peek Into the Neighboring Lumot Lake and Caliraya Lake

Experience-wise, new things are usually found on the most unlikely of places. In an unlikely place such as a mountainous part of Laguna, we found a visual treat: two lakes namely Lumot and Caliraya.

* sceneries on the way to Brgy. Cansuso, Cavinti, Laguna

Perhaps the more well-known of the two is the Caliraya Lake, with its famed man-made origins and numerous resorts and parks around it. But the two lakes form the Caliraya Watershed which provides living for the locals of the towns of Lumban and Cavinti, and power for electricity-consuming citizens, at least in Luzon.

* view of Lumot Lake
* view of a small rice field in Cansuso
* a budding tree I planted

* pandan leaves ready to be made into sambalilo
* mountain views from Cansuso

On this particular trip, we first headed to a village named Cansuso in Cavinti, Laguna where we did a simple yet decidedly crucial tree-planting project. This is where I learned that a tree-planting project is not just a tree-planting project. It requires detailed placement geared for long-term survival. This village also keeps the tradition of sambalilo making, with the villagers doing their hand knitting and weaving on their doorsteps.

* high five on a street sign!

* a gate by the lake!

* my own brand of lunch – lahat marami!

* view of Caliraya Lake from the shore

We then trooped down to the shores of Caliraya Lake, particularly in Brgy. Lewin in Lumban, Laguna. Here we got a treat of some local delicacies. The view of Caliraya Lake exudes a sense of tranquility and enjoyment. Tranquility because the strong winds would definitely aide you in meditating. And enjoyment because you simply cannot resist the temptation to explore the lake’s waters and take a boat. That would be my goal the next time I visit the place.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chair of Saint Peter Parish in Santa Rosa, Laguna

Free afternoons are always a great opportunity to visit places from which we could get historical tidbits. That was the case in our unplanned trip to the busy and buzzing center in Santa Rosa, Laguna: Balibago Complex.

* the façade of Chair of Saint Peter Parish Church

* floor design on the church ground resembling a sun

* seal of Chair of Saint Peter Parish

Nestled amongst the towering shopping centers and buildings is this pink church, rising like a flower amongst the concrete mazes of this city. The Church of the Chair of Saint Peter Parish, placed under the Diocese of San Pablo, was dedicated in a mass presided by Most Reverend Francisco C. San Diego, Bishop of San Pablo on December 15, 2008. With him were Reverend Father Reynaldo C. Hayag and Parochial Vicars Reverend Father Roy G. Reyes and Reverend Father Francis A. Calo. 
* view of the church’s interior

* “Haec Aqua Benedicta+ Sit Nobis Salus Etvita” /
“May this Blessed Water+ Be our Life and Salva

* image of Jesus Christ* view of the church’s retablo

* entrance to the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

* interior of the Adoration Chapel* Christ crucified

The facade of the church has modern touches to it but the bell tower is reminiscent of its possible Spanish era origins. I say possible because I was not able to get any notes regarding its earlier history. But the church’s seal is instructive: it carries the year 1969, perhaps the time the parish was actually established. Most of the interior has traces of recent makeover including the ceiling and the altar.

* candle stands on the gathering dark

* Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag Chapel* view of the Manaoag Chapel interior* angels

* lights up above

* a flower: gotta dig in the meaning of this one

A good find in the place is the adjacent chapel housing an image of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag. But not to be confused I think with the one found in Pangasinan. But this one certainly has its own reputation for even during the early hours of the evening, the image was still being visited by devotees. Outside there are still the usual vendors of religious mementos, a reminder that we still keep our old traditions on religion.

* the church bell tower at dusk

[How to go to Chair of Saint Peter Parish, Santa Rosa, Laguna: 1) From Manila you can find buses bound for Balibago Complex along Taft Avenue or at the numerous bus terminals around Gil Puyat LRT Station. 2) From the provinces or the areas of Laguna you can find jeepneys bound for Balibago Santa Rosa in Brgy. Turbina, Calamba City, Laguna or in Crossing-Calamba.]