Monday, June 7, 2010

San Pablo City Chronicles III: Doña Leonila Park

* a monument erected in honor of those Filipinos veterans who fought during the Second World War

* a detail on the WWII monument – Benjamin D. Emralino; man, got to dig in about him

* the figure of my struggle, the famous lady at the park, once thought that it is a figure of Doña Leonila herself

* small structures representing the city’s seven lakes; they used to be found beside the municipal trial court at the back of the old city hall

It seems pretty comic to me, when I used to think that the name Doña Leonila refers to that imposing figure of a lady carrying a bilao and a basket in the park. But then all is well now, for alas, I have learned that the name actually refers to the wife of the then President Carlos Garcia, to whom the park is named. It is officially a mini-forest park.

The park boasts a view-deck that gives one an enchanting view of the lake. Too bad, just too bad that some trees are blocking the commanding view, and some eye-irritating colors – of some structures and stalls – spoil an otherwise good stay at the park. I cannot help but note the big difference between the time I first found the park and its present conditions. Perhaps it was the overall theme, if I may call it, or the design of the past that was really eye-catching. Today, several structures have been added such as a small stage for different activities, but mostly they have been quite irregular, something that is not so pleasing to the eyes. Nevertheless, the place is a good place to bring the family to and immerse one’s self in a nature’s den in the heart of the city.

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