Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Preparations in San Pablo City, Laguna

* Christmas decorations at the San Pablo City Plaza

I haven’t posted any thing here for quite sometime now due to some sad affairs that befell the family and some intimates. Nevertheless life must continue. And so a brief respite in all of those affrays and in my work enabled me to come home for a few hours. Dragging along my sister (who seemed to relish bombarding me now with personal questions), we went to visit the city plaza which they said is now decorated with Christmas decors.

* Hapi-Hapi Gabi-Gabi: The Happiest Night Market
found along Regidor Street, San Pablo City, Laguna

After taking a few photos, went to the market area to see firsthand a nightly tiangge dubbed as Hapi-Hapi Gabi-Gabi: The Happiest Night Market. Such a scene is not new to me, having witnessed for a number of years already the nightly beer plaza in San Pablo during the annual Coco Festival. Then there’s the night tiangge put up in the market area of Lipa City, Batangas every Friday night where there is a wide array of street foods to enjoy. I don’t know the motivation for this night market in San Pablo but it is obvious that it was opened in time for the Christmas season.

Now that the Christmas break is nearing, it is good to know that there would now be ample time to go to different places and marvel again at how Filipinos keep this tradition we adopted more than three hundred years ago.

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