Tuesday, December 13, 2011

U.P. Los Baños Christmas Decorations for 2011

* UPLB Christmas Tree in vivid yellow lights

* Belen at Carabao Park

The setting-up of Christmas decorations in U.P. Los Baños (UPLB) is one of the anticipated events in December in the campus primarily because of the pomp accorded to the ceremony to mark the start of the Christmas celebration there. More than anything else, the Christmas Tree being erected each year just beside the UPLB Administration building is the most prominent feature of the Christmas decorations in the campus. Standing several feet high, it is actually higher than the Administration building itself. The Tree is decked with different decors and its lighting is superb, especially when viewed at night. I’ve seen each day how a crew of workers prepare the ‘spine’ of the tree and eventually put up the decors around it.

* closer views of the Belen

* Santa Claus in UPLB?

Then there is also the Nativity scene found as one enters the Carabao Park (also outside the Administration building). The materials used in this decor, as I have read it from an invitation, were from the tree trunks downed by the typhoon Milenyo several years ago. UPLB then commissioned workers (natives up north if I am not mistaken) to work on the sculptures. Aside from these, the other decors are mostly Western themed. I guess we cannot easily escape that colonial mentality in the near future, at least not yet.

These UPLB Christmas decors provide a place for friends to lounge for a while and for families to take a breather. (I haven’t found such occasion yet. Hopefully in the future.)

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