Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food for the Trails: Enjoy Barrio Fiesta at Isdaan Floating-Resto Fun Park

The term ‘barrio fiesta’ evokes images of lavish food, merriment, and simple Filipino feasting. As development continues to eat up places in the country (to be turned into urban areas), it is always good to have places where we can enjoy the spirit of those rural feasts. One such place has been recently built, fortunately, in the province of Laguna. The Isdaan Floating-Resto Fun Park is situated on the wide plains on the boundary of the towns of Calauan and Bay. An ocular survey of the place would reveal to you that it covers a number of hectares.

* Isdaan welcomes you with its iconic big fish

* mermaid[?] statues with Hindu/Buddhist themes


* Boodle Fight; ang umayaw talo!

* San Kilo Bridge

As one enter Isdaan, you’ll be greeted by huge (and I mean huge) statues of what look like mermaids decorated in Hindu and/Buddhist motifs and big fishes as well. Designed not to intimidate, such artworks would only compel you to go inside and discover more of that curious place.

* more mermaids[?]

* big Buddha; you ring the bell behind it and make as wish

* big fish!

* statues you’ll see as you go the comfort rooms

* ladies for inspiration or are they the Furies?;
you’ll see them as you go out of the bathrooms
* Spiderman up on the roof
* cracked (dinosaur?) eggs

* Brontosauruses

Isdaan is composed of what look like different restaurants (although they all have essentially the same menu being offered to customers). They have area for Tacsipayo where you can vent out your anger or frustration with anyone by breaking kitchen wares there as you shout ‘Tacsiyapo.’ Please note however that there are fees for it. The place has other ‘pakulo’ like the San Kilo Bridge where you can win one kilo of fish (to be cooked depending on your choice of dish) by crossing a small ledge/bridge surrounded by six-feet-deep water. There are still other features like that and one can enjoy them by roaming the place.

* cottage number 33!

* isang bilaong fried sea foods!

* fried crab, woo!

* tacsiyapong gulay!

* revisit to Isdaan

* little calderos where the rice is cooked

The most eye-catching in the place are the statues (or are they sculptures?) ranging from Jurassic Period dinosaurs to Disney cartoon characters to famous politicians, most of them life size. They essentially make the place alive as you would probably spend a good deal of time in the place looking at each and every one of them and taking pictures of/with them too.

* a lady dancer
* young people doing an ethnic dance

* kid acrobats

* acrobat trio!

* Isdaan’s buco king

* Mama Chit: Ina ng Barrio Fiesta

And define a wide-ranging menu! I took the liberty of documenting their menu and visitors can choose among their specialties on vegetables, fresh fruits, bakahan at manukan, energy drinks, pork, Japanese dishes, soups, pancit, fishes and other sea foods. You’ll be given a large menu where you can freely choose your food and drinks combinations. And as you eat, you will be treated (if you came in at the right time in the evening) with cultural presentations – ethnic dances, folk dances, acrobats, among others – all organized for the visitors to have fun!

* Trailer Pransis strikes for a pose

* pose with co-workers (and bosses)

Isdaan Floating-Resto Fun Park is located in Hanggan, Calauan, Laguna and they also have a branch in Gerona, Tarlac. A future Isdaan is currently being prepared in Talavera, Nueva Ecija. For reservations please contact the number 0932-4117793.

[How to go to Isdaan Floating-Resto Fun Park: From Manila and Calamba City area, one can simply hail a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna (buses are Green Star, HM, and DLTB) and ask the conductor to drop you off at Isdaan; it is just along the highway. Alternatively for those coming from Calamba, you can board a jeepney bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna too.]


  1. Hi, do you have the contact number at Isdaan Bay Laguna?

  2. Hi. I've just added the contact number of Isdaan in the last paragraph of my blog post. I got this from their menu. Hope that number works.