Monday, December 12, 2011

Saint Paul the First Hermit (San Pablo) Cathedral Continues to be Renovated

A rather free weekend enabled me to breathe in again the familiar San Pablo air and roam the city proper. Naturally, my feet brought me to where being a stranger is an advantage: the San Pablo Cathedral.

* a new balcony inside the San Pablo Cathedral

* newly refurbished ceilings and dome

* ‘golden’ altar

* ceiling designs which I have seen since I was a child

I have already shared here a few months earlier some of the changes in the said cathedral but now it seems that the renovations are quite extensive. This time, scaffolding is being set-up right outside in the place where the statue of Saint Paul (San Pablo) was once found. The set-up is quite curious as it could only mean that they will be constructing something in the area. Just as one enters the church threshold, you’ll immediately notice that a new balcony has been constructed, most probably to serve as a gallery of sort (for choir member or musicians?).

* statue of Saint Paul the First Hermit
found inside the

* cathedral exterior;
notice the scaffolding on the lower left portion of the photo

* an attempt to shoot long range;
birds idling on top of the outer portico

* the San Pablo Cathedral façade

Then there’s the fully renovated altar with its now modern-looking retablo. One would wish that they kept the original one, but that is beyond our hold. Lastly, and I only noticed this when I took a seat to rest for a while, the dome of the church has been renovated. The antique look of the windows surrounding the bottom part of the dome is gone but the new look nevertheless still gives the church a majestic look.

Perhaps after six months I would make another post about the cathedral to see the additional changes to the place.

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