Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Day in Candelaria, Quezon

* my dream house in Candelaria just had its roof makeover;
it’s obvious that renovations are underway;
I still wish I could buy this house

* the Narra Tree which President Manuel Quezon planted many years before

Christmas vacation allows those in the academe ample time to do travel escapades to different places, be it here in the country or abroad. As for those like me who are in a tight budget, visits to neighboring cities or provinces are enough. A day visit to the town of Candelaria, Quezon (where some Emralino clans are based) proved to be fulfilling, seeing again those familiar streets and structures. A change of ‘atmosphere’, however brief, is relaxing too. Different sights, different random sounds and noises at least for a day. The night in the town is soothing also, with those chilly winds touching you as you walk through the town streets.

* the St. John the Baptist church facade at night

* a night mass in Candelaria

* simple lights in the Quezon tree

As with other places that I have visited so far, there are those elusive sites that I am yet to discover on my own. The Del Valle Tower in Candelaria is a place there I am yet to see and marvel at.

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