Thursday, November 24, 2011

On Changing History: From EDSA to Cory Aquino Avenue

With such a large House (literally the Batasang Pambansa), one will definitely have all the time to think of plans and dreams both serious and hilarious. And with the news that a certain congressman has filed a bill seeking to change the name EDSA to Cory Quino Avenue, that certainly falls under the label hilarious. If he cannot think of EDSA without thinking of Cory Aquino, then I certainly cannot think of Cory Aquino Avenue (if that really happen eventually) without thinking of the people's devastatingly low appreciation of our history.

EDSA is EDSA. Cory is Cory. To replace EDSA with Cory is to put Epifanio de los Santos’ contribution to the country to shame. Let us leave EDSA alone. No name changing can reduce the traffic and pollution in the place. Let us do away of making too much fuss over names.


  1. that's exactly what I'm pointing also. Leave EDSA alone.

  2. Can't they think of any other proposals other than changing the names of roads or streets? Nakakatawa na nakakadisappoint e.

    By the way Ivan, naka-link yung blog sites natin sa Los Baños Municipal Government Website. Congrats!

  3. wow. haha. tlgang tinignan ko. nandun nga. haha.. nakaka-aliw. haha. congrats.

  4. hilarious nga! nagpapalakas lang kay PNoy yan, kung sino mang congressman yan... i totally do not agree to the change of name...