Friday, July 1, 2011

Rizal Murals on Canvas at SM Calamba

* Rizal @ 150 Mural on Canvas, Rizal: Haligi ng Bayan

* an artwork entitled “Magkakaibigan”

* an artwork entitled “Bayan Ko”

* an artwork entitled “Tamang Daan”

* an artwork entitled “Obra ng Dakilang Bayani”;
this is my personal favorite because of the way Rizal is depicted here

Our national hero Jose Rizal, whose 150th birth anniversary we have just grandiosely celebrated, is being revered through the arts and canvas. Dubbed as Rizal @ 150 Mural on Canvas, Rizal: Haligi ng Bayan, a collection of artworks on canvas is currently being displayed on the third floor of SM Calamba, Calamba City, Laguna.

I am assuming that these are the works of Calambeños – people from Calamba. I also remember seeing paintings which have Calamba- and/or Rizal-related themes inside Rizal Shrine. The said exhibit could be a similar activity or an extension of it. Found among these works are familiar objects and motifs – images of Rizal, jars, the church of Saint John the Baptist, Rizal Shrine, among others.

Such art activities I think give the talented young people more coherent themes for their subjects. It was said that it could take many years to fully know Rizal (given the volume of his writings in Spanish not yet read and studied). I think now that Rizal (including of course all the other things connected to him) can be painted more than a thousand times by these young artists.

Do visit the exhibit if you have time, dear reader.

* the other artworks on display

Rizal @ 150 Celebration Year-Long Activities

Activities related to Rizal did not end on June 19. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) has prepared for us Filipinos other activities that would introduce us more to the life and person of Jose Rizal. Visit the NHCP website here or download the list of activities here: 1) for activities in the Philippines, 2) for activities for Philippine schools, 3) for activities aboard.

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