Friday, July 15, 2011

Rizal: Malay, Diwa, Puso, at Buhay Conference Day 3 (Part IV) – Tour (Back) to Watawat ng Lahi

The tours: perhaps one of the highlights of the conference. The trip back to Watawat ng Lahi (see my earlier entry about it here) was still enjoyable. The participant’s excitement on the hill climb was particularly inspiring. But I should admit that the climb was still tiring. The afternoon heat was not particularly scorching, but still one could not help but shed sweat.

* the participants climbing up Lecheria Hill

* second view – the façade of the Watawat ng Lahi ‘multi-purpose hall’

* inside the hall

* Renato ‘Ka Rene’ Gallardo discussing information about WNL to the visitors

* a side view of the hall’s façade

* a monument in tribute of Andres Bonifacio

* Trailer Pransis posing in front of the huge Rizal statue;
(inset) the marker for the Rizal statue courtesy of Philippine Institute
of Alternative Futures, Philippine Historical Association,
and Asian Ecumenical Interfaith Movement

* I am still baffled by the presence of the skull on Rizal’s foot;
it must have some form of significance for the members of Watawat ng Lahi

* the tour facilitators posing in front of the hall

* close-up view of a statue of Rizal found on the hall’s façade
with a seeming angel accompanying him;
above them is the Eye, enclosed in a triangle with rays radiating from it;
I am afraid to say that such symbol is often associated with cult groups

* a separate Watawat ng Lahi structure?
I found this we were climbing down Lecheria Hill;
it was out of the way and I thought that this must be a building for
some breakaway groups of the original Watawat ng Lahi

It surprised me that the participants had so many questions to the place’s caretaker. But I was reminded by my co-tour facilitator that I was quite inquisitive too when we first went there. I do hope that they obtained information and helpful details about this group.

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