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Rizal: Malay, Diwa, Puso, at Buhay Conference Day 3 (Part II) – The Lectures at Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba

As has been mentioned in an earlier entry, the third leg of the conference has the theme “Muling Pagsilang: Pagdakila, Pag-unawa, at Pagsasabuhay kay Rizal sa Buhay Pamayanan” (translated as Rizal Reborn: Honoring, Understanding, and Living Rizal as Filipino). It was held at Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba. And the venue was aptly chosen being in the town (now city) where our national hero was born.

* the conference commences

* Rev. Fr. Honorato Castigador, O.P. giving his welcome message to the participants

The conference was primarily composed of four lectures, one play, and a tour. From the review of the two earlier conferences, this third day proved to be a deviation from the last two which were characterized by hardcore lectures and presentations.

The lectures were the following:

* some educators discussing the remark that Rizal experienced discrimination in UST

Ang Batang Rizal sa Imahinasyon ng Batang Pilipino
By Ms. Alice A. Pañares
(Commissioner, National Commission for Culture and Arts)

Ms. Pañares’ presentation dealt with an attempt to re-imagine Rizal from the eyes of the twenty-first century Filipino children. Such strategy was well-placed as we have by now the realization that there are still many things to be learned from the life of Jose Rizal. However the flow of the presentation bordered on the traditional, discussing the life of Rizal from childhood to adulthood and later hit a snag when a remark about the Spanish Dominicans in UST during Rizal’s time proved to be quite controversial. Another snag was the ‘Rizal studied in Heidelberg’ part which drew comments of disapproval from the professors in the audience. Indeed, information abounds from a crowd of educators. Perhaps my only comment on this part is that one really has to be prepared to defend his/her statements.

Ang Mga Bantayog, Lansangan, Pasyalan at Karatula bilang Pag-unawa at Pagdakila
By Ms. Ros A. Costelo, Mr. John Lee P. Candelaria, Mr. Fernan L. Talamayan
(Department of Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Los Baños)

The presenters changed the title of their presentation which, unfortunately, I forgot to take note of. Their discussion dealt with Rizal monuments found in the plaz as or school grounds. They also discussed their similarities and some of the underlying reasons for fashioning the Rizal monument in those manners. Part of the presentation too was the discussion of the relatively obscure fact, so they say, of Rizal being a sculptor (I think otherwise however). Lastly, they also talked about Rizal’s observation of other monuments abroad as found from his travel diaries.

Ang Puwang ng Bahay-Rizal sa Kasalukuyang Buhay-Calamba
By Ms. Sherry B. Marasigan
(School of Education, Arts, and Science, Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba)

Ms. Marasigan’s presentation was a concise discussion of the results of her study in the form a survey on how the Calambeños regard the much-treasured Rizal Shrine.

Ang Kaloob at Patotoo ng Kapatirang Rizalistas sa Pambansang
Pagbabago at Pagbubuo ng Pilipinas
By Dr. Consolacion R. Alaras
(Department of English and Comparative Literature, University of the Philippines Diliman)

Dr. Alaras’ approach of presentation – which was more of a conversation – is a great way to introduce her topic, if not beliefs. Her conviction of her transcendental and spiritual experiences lends an atmosphere of concreteness to her statements. Her discussion was light and open-minded, inviting anyone who is interested in their group to come to her and discover Rizal in their own unique ways. She ended her comically-timed talk (she assured that she would finish her talk in 25 minutes if she was only given 25 minutes!) with a song that their group sings and which concern our beloved national hero.


The Welcome Presentations

* arrival of the conference participants at Letran Calamba;
members of Letran Calamba student organizations welcoming the participants

* Letran Calamba’s drum and lyre band

* Letran Calamba’s Kulbit Bulilit, the schools rondalla

Here are some of scenes during the participants’ arrival at the conference venue.

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