Sunday, July 17, 2011

Food for the Trails: P. Tenorio’s Bakery – Home of Original Monay Bae (Bay, Laguna)

One early morning, we roamed the town proper of Bay (Ba’i), Laguna for some breakfast before we went to work. Seeing that many food stores are still closed, we opted to buy some bread to be eaten in the bus. We finally came to P. Tenorio’s Bakery.

Found along the main road passing through the town proper, it is home to the famous Monay Bae. I first tasted the bread in 2003, when we made an ocular inspection at UPLB Botanical Garden. Over the years, evolutions of the bread sprouted in different places but I believe this is still the original monay.

So the next time you pass by the town of Bay, do visit P. Tenorio’s Bakery and have a bite of their Monay Bae!

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