Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rizal: Malay, Diwa, Puso, at Buhay Conference Day 3 (Part V) – Tour (Back) to Rizal Shrine

* Dambanang Rizal

* some of the furniture in exhibit inside Rizal Shrine

* punkah – the old school cooler in the dining area

* view of the kitchen area inside Rizal Shrine

* some of the kitchen utensils in display;
some were loaned from Ms. Potenciano Geronilla y Rizal,
a descendant of Soledad

* a jar inside the ‘bathroom’ of Rizal Shrine

* the pail for the well; I think the well is still the original one

* view of the capiz windows

I have been to Rizal Shrine a numb of times already but the visit as part of the Rizal Conference at Letran Calamba was full of surprises. For one, the presentation of Letran Calamba’s Tining Chorale Group was powerful. Perhaps the number of visitors served as an inspiration. Second, the ‘discovery’ of the punkah, a big cooler for the dining area. I have read about it on the internet and it was mentioned that there was one in Rizal Shrine. I did not notice it in our earlier visits and I finally saw it in this revisit.

* members of Sagrada Familia showing their ritual

*Trailer Pransis posing with Dr. Consolacion R. Alaras
and members of Sagrada Fmailia

* conference participants watching the ritual of the Sagrada Familia

* Letran Calamba’s Tining Chorale Group performing inside Rizal Shrine

* members of Samu’t Sari Theatre Group of Letran Calamba
Sagrada Familia
Another bonus in this Rizal Shrine revisit was the presentation of Sagrada Familia. Based in Sitio Ronggot, Calamba City, it is a group which most likely adheres to the principles and maxims exhibited by Rizal during his lifetime. The ritual was in a form of chants, which reminded me of the Pasyon during Lenten Season.

* Trailer Pransis beside a statue of the boy Rizal;
we look alike I think

* a Rizal wall mural

* replica of Rizal’ sculpture
‘Triumph of Death over Life’

After the closing of the conference, I was able to talk to them and the members were quite nice to talk to. They even invited me to visit their place. I said I hope I could do so in the future. At the same time, I am thinking of printing a copy of our picture together and give it to them as a souvenir.

* my shot of the Rizal Monument in Rosario, Batangas

Question about the Rizal Monument Photo Exhibit in Rizal Shrine

This question is particularly posed to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. As we were having our snacks after the conference, I visited this particular exhibit. I randomly looked into the photos and chanced upon a Rizal Monument in Rosario, Batangas. Perhaps it was only my imagination but I did think that that particular photo was my shot. I eve noticed the peculiar lines which was characteristic of the camera of my sister’s phone which I was using before. However, when I directed my co-tour facilitator’s attention to this observation, the only response I got was that it is possible that I was only associating my photo with the photo in the exhibit.

Unfortunately, I already ran out of battery charge and so I was not able to take a photo of the photo exhibit. And I forgot checking the whole of the exhibit if there was a place reserved for acknowledgements. I intend to return to check on this.

A few days after the conference I tried doing an online search for the said photo and I could only come up with the photo I have posted here in my blog. Hopefully, I could get through this little mystery of mine.

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