Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Museo ng San Pablo Opens on July 29

San Pablo City’s past will now be closer to the literal eyes of San Pableños. With the opening of Museo ng San Pablo on July 29, 2011, details about the city’s rich history will no longer be on a installment basis (such those trivia and snippets found on blogs and social networking sites). A preview of the contents of the museum can be sees in a Multiply page (click here) and in a BlogSpot page (click here).

However, there are some brewing controversies with regards to the highlightso f the museum contents – whether it will only contain those things which will remind the viewers of the middle class families who have been influential in San Pablo in the past. We are yet to see the resolution on this issue.

In any case, every San Pableños is enjoined to visit Museo ng San Pablo which will formally open this Friday, July 29, 3 pm, at the 3rd floor of the old Capitol Building.


  1. this is one good government? project. if it'll feature history, achievements and person behind the city's progress, it will greatly help the visitors/locals to get inspired and boost the enthusiasm to do the same.

  2. Thank you Sir for dropping by.

    I am of the same hope that it will feature more materials that will introduce the city of San Pablo to both locals and tourists. It is not just for the tourist influx; it is more of the desire to know our roots, our origins, our history deeper.