Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Peek Inside the Central United Methodist Church

* the façade of the Central United Methodist Church

* the main aisle

* view of the church’s high ceiling

* a light hanging from the ceiling

* the weekday activities and Sunday worship services of
Central United Methodist Church

* the Methodist Hymnal

* an open area inside

* view from the outside

I have already discussed about the history of the Central United Methodist Church in a earlier entry (read it here). But I was not able to beyond those brief history details as I was not really able to see the church itself. An afternoon after a scientific meeting in Manila Hotel, I got the chance to see the inside of the church.

All I can say is that the church is definitely English. The high ceiling and the overall architecture reminds me actually of the Hall of Christ Church in Oxford as well as of Hogwarts. But nevertheless the structure is no out of place in Manila as it stands close to some of the surviving buildings erected during or close to the American period in the Philippines with similar outstanding architectures.

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