Monday, March 26, 2018

Back Trails Goes Twitter

Lost the affinity to have to many online accounts a long time ago.
But in the absence of those moments when I can write full about this or the travel, a quick photo post and note will do.

Here it goes!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

On Travel and Confinement

“Travel broadens...” says the book* I am currently reading. Entirely true whenever you do it for it gives you different viewpoints, realizations, enables you to meet different people, among many others.

Equally (perhaps more) broadening is when you are stalled, when you are hindered from going outside. It allows you to take stock of the past – mistakes, triumphs, and everything in between – and get a better sense of where you are right now and where you are headed.

It’s exactly the thought running through my head right now as I nurse multiple flesh wounds and a number of stitches. A recent event changed me physically. And I know deep down it has changed on how I view life now.

Makes me cherish more the time I have so far and the travels I had with the people I care about.

And makes me look forward to the moment when I can finally go outside and enjoy places, people, food, etc., without carrying grudges over the incident.

Been adhering to a specific form of philosophy but one thing it does not change is the deeply-entrenched belief that life – in all of its forms – carry with it an inherent character of optimism, of joy, of hope.

* “The Game” Laurie R. King

Monday, March 12, 2018

A Back Trails Revisit

All those words about starting anew seemed to have gone down the drain.
All those thoughts about sharing travels seemed to have reached an invisible barrier.

“Busy-ness” cannot be used as an excuse.
Work cannot be used as an excuse.

I just stopped writing. I just stopped sharing.   
I have grown. I have grown old.
Since this blog has become more personal through the years, it is only high time that its continuous existence be sustained with new entries. And maybe in retracing the features of this Blogger dashboard, I can fire up my initiative and even surpass the level of enthusiasm I knew I had when Back Trail was just beginning.

Hopefully by opening a Back Trails Twitter Account, I can readily do the sharing aspect and reinforce this blog with those live and quick posts.

As always: Back Trails lives on!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Of Back Trails and Beginnings

It has been a while since I’ve seen the familiar dashboard of Blogger. It has been a while since I took time to relish our travels, both near and far, and share them there. It has been a while since I took joy from writing free from rigid grammatical and readability rules.

And in finding those caterpillars outside, feeding on leaves silently but with gusto, I may have found too a gentle reminder that one can start anew. Again. Yet again. All over again. The second time around.

I miss sharing and I miss writing. It’s a wonder caterpillars can make you see life and the surroundings in a different view.

Onwards to the Trails!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Cathedral Parish of Saint Paul the First Hermit 2017 Holy Week Activities

* 2017 Palm Sunday in San Pablo City, Laguna
The Holy Week is essentially a commemoration of the life and the death of Jesus Christ for the people of the world and is therefore one of the high holidays of the Christians particularly the Roman Catholics.

Here in San Pablo City, Laguna, the Parish of Saint Paul the First Hermit (San Pablo Ang Unang Ermitanyo) and its workers have prepared the prepared the following activities:

April 7 – Palm Sunday
07:30 am – Blessing of Palms with Bishop Famadico with procession at the 4 corners of the church patio (Jubilee Courtyard)

April 10 – Monday
04:00 am  – assembly for Visita Iglesia (see post “2017 Visita Iglesia of Cathedral Parish of Saint Paul the First Hermit”)
04:30 am – Departure for Visita Iglesia

April 11 –Tuesday
09:00 am – Chrism Mass (Cathedral)
02:00 p m – General Station of the Cross with re-enactment of several stations by the PVM (Sampaloc Lake)

April 12 – Wednesday
06:00 p m – Holy Procession on the Passion of the Christ

April 13 – Maundy Thursday
05:15 pm – Mass of the Last Supper (Cathedral)
07:00 pm – 12:00 mn – Adoration of the Blesses Sacrament (Access Area near Liceo de San Pablo)

April 14 – Good Friday
07:00 am – Tenebrae (Cathedral)
12:00 nn – 03:00 pm – The Seven Last Words (Cathedral)
03:00 pm – 06:00 pm – Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion (Cathedral)
06:00 pm – onwards – General Solemn Procession

April 15 – Black Saturday
08:00 pm – Blessing of Fire and Water / Easter Vigil Mass (Cathedral Patio)

April 16 – Easter Sunday
03:00 am – Salubong (Men: Barleta Street, Women: Hermanos Belen Street)
After 02:00 pm mass – Egg Hunting (Cathedral Patio)