Friday, March 29, 2013

Palm Sunday in Lipa City (2009)

 * palms in blur 

* Lipa Basilica looming above the palms

 * the smile that launched my formative travel blog –
one of the first photos I used for a Multiply travel site

Got this from my pile of unsorted photos. Never had the chance to post them except for a short note in my other blog site in which I used a photo from this event. Long, lost photos make us remember the atmosphere – the feel – of an old activity which in this case is the festive mood of the people of Lipa as they gathered for the blessings of the palms. A rather late activity but still a crowd-drawing one.


  1. ang payat mo pa sa picture mo...

  2. Payat pa rin naman ako ngayon a, hehe.