Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 Palm Sunday Scenes in San Pablo City

 * all palms up 

 * a carozza depicting Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem 
* San Pablo Cathedral façade on Palm Sunday  

* on the church grounds  

 * one issue which has to be resolved by the religious: trash

We are almost halfway through with one of the high religious activities of the Catholics – the Holy Week. This commemoration started on a Palm Sunday, a recollection of Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem. Catholics celebrate this by bringing in raw palm leaves – or palaspas as we call them in Filipino – and getting them blessed by holy water by the priest. An intimate told me that what they used for the Linggo ng Palaspas is actually buli, the one they used to tie the sacks of the harvested rice from the fields. A regret of mine this time was that I was unable to document the blessings of the palm leaves on the church grounds. The afternoon was simply unbearable due to the searing heat.

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