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Commemorating Holy Week in Kamay ni Hesus

* arch seen as you enter Kamay ni Hesus

If there’s anything which combines the requirements of a religious devotion, personal meditations, and family retreat that would be Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church in Lucban, Quezon. Formally the Kamay ni Hesus Ministry Foundation, Inc., this place was founded by Rev. Fr. Joseph “Joey” Ayala Faller with the help of Mr. Benito Javierto Brizuela and family.

 * view of the Grotto hill

   * posing with the Grotto hill  

* interior of the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church 

* part of the grounds of the healing Church where earlier visitors
probably wrote their messages on cement   

* visitor’s guide to Kamay ni Hesus

A marker on the place identifies its most famous feature as the Via Dolorosa Grotto of Healing Way of Purification and the 50-feet image of the Ascending Christ. Its inauguration was officiated by the Bishop of the Diocese of Lucena Emilio Z. Marquez and Bishop Ruben T. Profugo. It may seem recently constructed but the place definitely has definitely seen thousands of pilgrims and visitors alike.   


* attempts to capture flowers up close 

* a replica(?) of Noah’s ark and some amenities for the kids  

* a version of the Pieta

 * candle stands

The Kamay ni Hesus is not just a mountainside grotto but is comprised of a multi-purpose gym, a Luklukan ni Maria (most likely another place for prayer), retreat center and infirmary, prayer room, a church, and other fixtures like a reconstruction of Noah’s Ark (I’m not sure if its dimensions followed those mentioned in the Bible), and a depiction of the Sea of Galilee.

 * Stations of the Cross and other fixtures of the Grotto 

* the big statue of the Risen (or Ascending) Christ 

 * brief respite on the climb 

 * contemplating the heights  

* views from above to get an idea of the heights;
the photo on the left is the only stairs down

The climb up the grotto was very refreshing (beats the usual jogging in the mornings actually). A word of caution first: the stair are rather steep so those of old age who still want to do their pilgrimage better bring along companions. And do bring umbrellas too as the weather in the place is quite unpredictable. Better stay fit while doing your religious devotions. As I have observed, the place is not limited to the religious as the place has turned as well into a tourist spot. Worth visiting even outside the usual Catholic holidays.

Semana Santa sa Kamay ni Hesus 2013 Schedule
* schedule for this year’s Holy Week

Being a place for pilgrimage and religious activities, it is a busy place especially on the days before the Holy Week. Found below is the schedule of activities for Kamay ni Hesus for this coming week.

Palm Sunday – March 24
- Eucharistic Celebration (07:30 am)
  > Commemoration of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem
     From Rosario Hill to Healing Church
- Morning Masses (09:00 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am)
- Estacion General (Via Crucis at Grotto)
- Afternoon Mass (4:00 pm)

Monday – March 25
- Morning Mass (09:00 am)
- Afternoon Mass (04:00 pm)

Tuesday – March 26
- Afternoon Mass (04:00 pm)

Wednesday – March 27
- Healing Mass (09:00 am)
- Afternoon Mass (04:00 pm)

Maundy Thursday – March 28
- Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper (04:00 pm)
 > Washing of the Feet
 > Holy Communion
 > Procession
 > Benediction (Reposition of the Blessed Sacrament)
> Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament

Good Friday – March 29
- Seven Last Words by Fr. Joey A. Faller (12:00 pm)
- Celebration of the Lord’s Passion (02:00 pm)
 > Liturgy of the Word
 > Communion
 > Veneration of the Cross until 11:00 pm
 > Procession around Healing Church

Black Saturday – March 30
- Continuous Veneration of the image of Christ crucified
- Easter Vigil (09:30 pm)
- Blessing of Fire
- Holy Mass
- Paschal Candle Rite
- Encuentro (Salubong)

Easter Sunday – March 31
- Eucharistic Celebrations
(07:30 am, 09:00 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 04:00 pm)

Souvenir Items and Pasalubong in Kamay ni Hesus
* pasalubong which can be bought in Kamay ni Hesus

Business, as expected, is thriving in this place. Within the church grounds there are stores selling t-shirts, religious and souvenir items, and food. It is suggested that you buy those items which will serve as good reminders of your visit to the place.

But there are more choices outside. Food stalls abound selling sweeties, local products – primarily the Pancit Lucban and Longganisang Lucban (the ones we found are tagged at 65 pesos for the small ones and 130 pesos for the big ones) – and even cleaning materials! It was good to see in that place some of the sweeties I tasted during my childhood days. Prices vary so better do a canvass first before buying anything.

[How to go to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church, Lucban Quezon: There two ways: 1) I think the more popular route is for you to travel to Lucena City. For those coming from Manila, board a bus bound for Lucena Grand Terminal. Fare is 100+ pesos. Better allot around 200 pesos for a one-way travel. Upon alighting at the Grand Terminal, go to the jeepney terminal and look for the jeepneys bound for Lucban. Board this and ask the driver to drop you off at Kamay ni Hesus. Fare is 20 pesos. 2) The second route is to go to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. From this Laguna capital, you can board a jeepney bound for Lucban.]

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