Sunday, March 10, 2013

Food for the Trails: Coffee Break at Si Christina Gateau Sans Rival, San Pablo

* interior views of Si Christina Gateau Sans Rival

A slight drizzle one time opened up a chance to visit Si Christina Gateau Sans Rival, a beautifully lit coffee/cake shop in our home city of San Pablo. The unusual cold nights every now and then proved a good excuse to get a taste of some coffee right in the city proper.

The place was cozy as expected but I do not see it as fitful place for an intimate meeting. Rather, it is a conducive place for simple group meeting or family gathering. The fixtures and its lighting may be contributory to this.
* good food in a good place

But beyond the interior designs the food was superb. We tried a Cuban sandwich and a red velvet cupcake coupled with a blackberry mocha coffee. The bittersweet combination of the food and drink was simply enjoyable. I am yet to try to more famous cakes they have there. Next time it has to be more than a simple coffee break at Si Christina.

[How to go to Si Christina Gateau Sans Rival, San Pablo City, Laguna: This coffee shop would not be hard to find. The place is close to the San Pablo Cathedral and in fact just opposite the city plaza.]

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