Saturday, March 2, 2013

Los Baños Views from Philippine High School for the Arts

 * Mount Maquiling slopes

 * a marker for PHSA; will discuss this
in a later post focused on PHSA 
* part of the many houses inside the PHSA grounds
where students are lodged during their stay

Right before posting the photos here, sudden realization hit me that I missed taking photos of the famed auditorium in Philippine High School for the Arts or PHSA in Los Baños, Laguna. So it seemed more reasonable to share more about the view from this elevated place. The activity we did up there was thoroughly relaxing if combined with the literally breath-taking view of many area of Los Baños.
 * a wooden structure we found on the grounds of PHSA

* view of the lower area of Los Baños and Tadlac Lake

One serendipitous thing that happened there was my first sighting of the famous Tadlac Lake in Barangay Tadlac. Plans were made before to visit the lake but all failed. It turned that it would happen while I was perched up Mount Maquiling

* in pose

Tranquil. That’s PHSA.

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