Sunday, March 10, 2013

Food for the Trails: Isaw Atbp. Along Lopez Avenue, Los Baños, Laguna

My recent revisit to Los Baños, Laguna (LB for most of us who spent part of their life in this town) to obtain some documents brought back memories of my college days. I remember walking along Lopez Avenue whenever I had money just enough to bring me to San Pablo or whenever I want to do a solo food trip along this main thoroughfare to UP Los Baños.

As I walked towards Junction (Lopez Avenue and Los Baños-to-Calamba highway intersection) I could not resist the inviting smoke from a makeshift store just in front of Robinson’s Town Mall. In tracing the smoke’s origin, I found myself again in this small stall where isaw and the usual gang of innards are grilled and sold. As always these foods (often tagged as street foods) were satisfying.

From this impromptu eat I came up with the idea of covering some of the busiest streets in LB and make a blog post on the food being sold along these streets.

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