Thursday, October 25, 2012

Food for the Trails: Chef Mau Restaurant in Liliw, Laguna

  * Chef Mau Restaurant, Liliw, Laguna

* plates at the ready!

A fine eat in a fine town. There were just few cases when I was so starving that my next eat proved to be more than satisfying. That was the case when we visited Chef Mau Restaurant and Catering Services in Liliw, Laguna, famished after two days of work in Magdalena, Laguna.

 * designs inside Chef Mau Restaurant

Chef Mau Restaurant may be situated in a rural place but their menu is superb. No rural scene can hide that. The place is conducive for small or larger groups. But for a big company, one may opt to make reservation first (see contact details below). The restaurant itself is native in style, built mainly from of wood and decorated with native arts and designs. Cozy I may say.

  * dishes to look forward to in Chef Mau

Their menu includes specialties on pasta, pizza, sandwiches, cakes for the common stomach. For those who are in for finer eats you’ll have seafood selection, chicken and fowl, salad and vegetable dishes, pork and beef, among others. But as have been suggested to us, we requested for the stuffed eggplant with pork sausage. Man, it was terrific to taste. I just hope I got the name right as I have missed taking note of it. In any case, you’ll see the photo of the dish accompanying this post.
 * the gang after an hour (or more) of feasting

[How to go to Chef Mau Restaurant: For this who are now interested to try it out, Chef Mau Restaurant and Catering Services is found along the road leading to the town of Magdalena, Laguna. If you board a jeep in Liliw town proper bound to Santa Cruz via Magdalena, just ask the driver to drop you off at Chef Mau. For inquiries you may call and/or text these numbers: (049) 573-6290, 0915-9267824, 0917-5071798, 0921-4948226.]


  1. Haha! Amazing.
    Just an update regarding the contact number:
    0938 791 6591 -if I'm not mistaken it's Chef Joel.

  2. Wow! Chef Mau! Masarap po talaga ang food diyan and mura pa. :)

  3. Does Chef Mau offer catering services? I'm currently looking for budget catering services in Laguna