Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Afternoon Walk in Candelaria, Quezon

Candelaria, Quezon is an inexhaustible source of historical and cultural treasures. Such treasures do not need to be found in history books, but the town itself speaks of its past.

 * the ever resilient capiz windows

 * afternoon shadow: Pransisem walking through
a narrow street in Candelaria town proper

* Candelaria Public Market
* a Church of Christ building

* a house found along the highway; I am yet to figure out the origin/s
of the design you see in the photo;
it is basically the same design found in the old San Pablo City Hall,
an old house in Gil Puyat, Manila; among other places;
I strongly suspect that this is from the American Period

The houses of the town are my constant joy and so one summer afternoon I found it pleasant and conducive to talk a short walk and see again those beautiful houses. But besides them, the more recent fixtures are also testament to the changes that the town has undergone in the past years. The market, the road, all these form part of the town, its character and past. This may be a random post but as I have realized (again) just recently, travels (in this case walk) are infinite source of new information and experience.
 * a relatively old house in the town proper
 * a kid flying his kite near beside a river
 * a gathering darkness in the highway
* antennas and antennas

Still, what remains to be seen in this town is its old Valle Tower. If any chance reader knows it, kindly send in a message about it. I’d be more than grateful for your help.

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