Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Afternoon Walk in Liliw, Laguna

* the Liliw Coliseum; where cocks go to fight
* a statue of San Sebastian (was he being executed in this scene? I wonder),
one of the many statues of saints found along the streets of Liliw and Magdalena
* the street leading to Liliw town proper

After the weekly activities we once had in Magdalena, Laguna (will post about them soon) the neighboring town of Liliw was our usual stopover to take a breather and replenish our bodies lacking in sleep. 
* the (once?) building of the Rural Bank of Liliw (or Lilio), Inc.
 * the seal of the rural bank: Rural Bank of Lilio, Inc. 1953

 * capiz and more capiz windows

* a statue inside a gazebo-like structure inside the ground of Liliw Church

But, as always been the case, walks enable longer time to see most of a place which could not have been possible when one is inside a vehicle. It also helped me to know that there are still more old houses and structures I am yet to document in this town. I have seen most of them, particularly along the more prominent Gat Tayaw Street, but I learned that there are others, tucked in narrow streets that form most of the town proper. The result of our walk is not in any way exhaustive. A revisit is in order. But when is yet to be determined.

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