Friday, October 12, 2012

Century Park Hotel, Manila

Not that I actually checked-in in this particular hotel. But ever since I was able to attend different conferences it has always been a pleasure to roam the lobby areas (I usually call them “free areas”) of different hotels. And Century Park Hotel was no different. My visit was in connection with a conference organized by the institution where I currently work.
I am no expert when it comes to these kinds of establishments. But what has always attracted me is the cozy atmosphere that these lobbies create. The woodworks always do their job. Add to that the restaurants that occupy most of the lobbies (read: good food). 


And as I was not really focused on getting details about the hotel (but merely on admiring the different fixtures), you can go to the hotel’s website by clicking here.


[How to go Century Park Hotel, Manila: From the Gil Puyat LRT Station, you can either 1) board the LRT and drop off at Vito Cruz LRT Station; the hotel is just a few streets away from the Rizal Memorial Stadium or 2) hail a taxi at Gil Puyat LRT Station; fee will range from 30 pesos to 100 pesos.]

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  1. I think that this Century Park hotel is one of the luxurious hotels here in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing this post and I’ll definitely refer this to my friend.