Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Peek into Museo ng San Pablo (San Pablo City, Laguna)

* Museo ng San Pablo: A Cultural Work in Progress

* the main entrance to the old municipal/city building
to the Museo ng San Pablo

* the flight of stairs fronting the Museo has been tiled

The news of the opening of the Museo ng San Pablo definitely excited me. For one, I am expecting that some of the exhibits would help me in building my draft for my little project on the history of the San Pablo. Unfortunately, the Museo seemed to be closed when I visited although I am aware that it is open throughout the week. Maybe it was temporarily closed for that particular day.

* the grand staircase leading to Museo ng San Pablo

* parts of the staircase, however, must be repaired immediately

* a banner of the Museo

Anyway, there were some exhibits on the outer corridors on which I feasted upon. There were old photographs of group meetings, sceneries in San Pablo, and politicians printed on small-size tarpaulins. There were also some fixtures that have been put up although there were no indications that they came from old San Pablo families. I was also informed that artworks of young and talented San Pableños were put up for exhibit there but I missed them too. Perhaps it was not really my day to view the contents of the Museo.

* some furniture found as one enter the Museo

* chandelier art

the Museo seemed to be closed on the day I visited it

“Museo ng San Pablo: A Cultural Work in Progress” – it is indeed a fitting title, as the city is just building a work on which the people of San Pablo could look upon to see their cultural heritage (although such term is debatable) and their history. Yes, history. I do hope that they put up and they will put up a lot of exhibit that would give us a real view of the city’s past. I strongly believe that it must be the most crucial element in the Museo that must be highlighted. Finally, I do hope no subtle political advertisement or political pa-pogi would grow from that place. Let the Museo be free from such things. After all, the Museo is all about San Pablo, the place and its place, and no other.

Again, I look forward to seeing the whole of the Museo and sharing its contents here in Back Trails.


  1. I'm even more excited in your project:)But also consider writing about certain periods, events or conditions that had the most effect on shaping today's San Pablo. While I was walking around the town I noticed the Masonic graves and the presence of one of the oldest Non Catholic church. The Americans presence in San Pablo was more prominent than the other nearby town.

  2. Kuya Arnaldo, I am targeting the Japanese period in San Pablo City since the presence of living individuals (civilians, guerrillas, USAFFE members, etc.) are encouraging. I was fortunate enough to have published a short research paper on the guerrillas in San Pablo but I hope to expand it (hopefully in a book form, but that would still be a long way).

    But your suggestion on the American period is also promising. Will definitely look into that as well.

  3. OK. Let me know then. I can hook you up with the foremost expert in WWII, Ernie De Pedro. Graduated from Oxford, served several presidents, and has long devoted his life in researching about this period in our history. One cool cat. I'm currently helping him with some stuff. He's 74 so young people like you and me must make our move - time is the enemy :)

  4. Kuya, can I have your e-mail address so that I can send you my contact details? I definitely have to arrange my materials now so that possible queries to Sir De Pedro will be in order. I'm already looking forward to a possible talk with him. Thanks Kuya Arnaldo for this.

  5. Hello! I am trying to be in touch with Mr. De Pedro about his work on WWII, might I ask if can get the contact details from you?

  6. You could contact Sir Arnaldo of "With One's Past" blog (see one of the comments above) for details. Thank you.