Friday, August 12, 2011

Holy Family Parish Church in Alupay, Rosario, Batangas

* the church façade; you can figure out the reason
why this particular church visit materialized

* another look at the church’s front

* the bell tower beneath the gathering clouds

I have finally visited the church in Brgy. Alupay, Rosario, Batangas, which I have only seen in transit in several occasions. However, the visit was cloaked in an atmosphere of sadness as the visit was for the funeral of a relative.

* a far view of the Sto. Rosario Academy found just behind the church

* a statue of Christ found inside the church

* a view of its shining retablo

There was no marker that could possibly give the visitors details about the church. But judging from its structure, it must have been recently made (that is, 10-20 years ago) as compared to other churches around the town of Rosario which were built during the Spanish times in the Philippines. A school is affiliated with the church namely the Santo Rosario Academy found behind the church.

* view front the church entrance

* pews and aisle

* bringing the dead to a more peaceful place

The exterior grounds are not that well-maintained but I liked the rural feel that you can still observe around – sleepy guardians waiting just outside the school gate and the freely wandering geese and turkeys.

[How to go to Holy Family Parish Church in Alupay, Rosario, Batangas: A key starting place would be Lipa City. You can board a jeepney bound for San Juan, Batangas in the terminal found on the parking grounds of Robinson’s Lipa or alternatively, in a makeshift terminal just behind the San Sebastian (Lipa City) Basilica. Tell the driver to drop you off at Alupay Church. I cannot, however, say the how much the fare is as I have already forgotten it.]


  1. 40 pesos fare from SM Lipa to this church