Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fiesta Bayeña 2011 (Bay, Laguna)

* Fiesta Bayeña 2011 Trade Fair Exhibit

* the ubiquitous arc put up every time a fiesta comes

A sudden change in vehicle routes in Bay (Ba’i), Laguna led us to the town proper, first to take a much-sought lunch and then to be in the midst of a festivity, the Fiesta Bayeña 2011.

* some of the booths installed for the trade fair exhibit

The feast in the town proper of Bay is not new to me as I have been a commuter who passes by this town for seven years already. But this year’s celebration is different as it has a quite pompous list of activities and a longer list of sponsors. One such addition is the Fiesta Bayeña 2011 Trade Fair Exhibit. The exhibit is composed of several booths from each of the town’s barangay designed with local materials. In each booth special products are either shown or sold. This is quite good as it compels each barangay to bring out their finest produce. Whether it is a simple malunggay or grilled fish, a showcase is a good part of the feast as it enriches the celebration.

Another salient addition is the stage in Arietta Park, found just in front of the town hall. Called Tanghalang Bayeña, the townsfolk now has a sturdier place for programs and presentations. (I remember the truck they used last year for presentations. It was good but not that appealing.) But it was quite obvious that the construction of the stage area was rushed to make it to the dates of the feast. At least it will no longer be a makeshift stage.

* Tanghalang Bayeña

*despite the rain spectators await in Arietta Park
for t
he presentations to start

* tarpaulin put up to show the official candidates to the Ginoo at Binibining Bay 2011

I wish I could have taken note of the other activities but the incessant pouring of rain and strong winds discouraged us to stay longer. We’ll have our luck hopefully next year.

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