Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Sky in Two Places

It is worthwhile to take note of the sky every now and then. Ignoring for a while the fact that the features of the sky are governed by weather, climate, and the concept of chaos, we can appreciate the different images and emotions the sky evokes.

There is this photo I took while traversing a road in the city proper of Calamba. The gathering clouds reminded of the presence of Death Eaters (in the Harry Potter series) who signal their coming (or killing) by the Dark Mark (an image of a skull with a snake slithering out of its ‘mouth’), which is often preceded by the gathering of dark clouds. It was a picture of gloom. Minutes later, I was literally soaked in heavy downpour.

This is in contrast with this photo I took while treading a rural road in Rosario, Batangas. The wide fields (which, unfortunately, are obscured by the poor editing of the photo) and the outlines of mountains in the background give one an overwhelming perspective. Not to mention that there were no objects that would have obstructed my view of the sky. Too bad I lost a camera; a series of photos of the Rosario sky would have been superb. Anyway, there will still be a next time.

As in any travel, seeing and exploring things on the ground is a fine activity. But we must not also forget to look up and behold the wide expanse of this chaotic blue canvas we call sky.

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