Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Via Crucis at Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba

* an image of Jesus Christ on the fourteenth (XIV) station of the Via Crucis

Reading through online articles, Via Crucis is actually the Latin term of Way of the Cross, referred in other instances as Via Dolorosa or Stations of the Cross. In my travel escapades what I encountered more often is the term Stations of the Cross.

* the participants in the Via Crucis

* the prayers for the last station was held at St. Albert the Great Chapel

My interest in these names came about when I attended a Via Crucis in the school where I am working. The activity is actually a devotion commemorating the final hours of Jesus Christ – from his condemnation to death to his burial. In the Via Crucis, stations are marked in different places. For each station a verse from the Bible is read along with some reflection messages. From the booklet provided to us, Via Crucis can be done anywhere, regardless of the number of participants. One can do it alone if he or she wants to. Seeing these Holy Week-related activities, it seems that such religious events are quite elaborate and require huge amount of focus for reflections.

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