Friday, April 1, 2011

The San Pablo City Government Website Needs to be Saved

* screenshot of the main page of

Here is a screen shot of the website taken today April 1. It’s quite saddening to note that it is not as functional as it ought to be. Although it boasts of having the official seal of the city, most of the content of the website has no connection at all to San Pablo City. Given that the website uses the domain extension [dot] gov [dot] ph, it should live up to the expectations of providing relevant and up-to-date information about the city’s profile and city’s current officials.

* some of the [spam?] ads seen from the San Pablo City website

More than that, the website has the potential to be a hub for people interested in knowing more about the city’s history. I envision it to have a portal for the city’s history, complete with write-ups and images pertaining to its past landscapes and key events. I do hope that the city government would act on this thing. After all, the internet can be a powerful tool for projecting one’s image, in this case the city’s image (read: the capacity to manage even online affairs related to the city).

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