Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday in Bay, Laguna Church

* a revisit – the façade of the Bay Church, its patron saint is Saint Augustine

* a statue of Mary found on the church grounds; on the background is the church’s bell tower

* the devout attending mass on Palm Sunday

* an angel holding the clam-shaped object (a taclobo?) for the agua bendita

The Holy Week has officially begun with the festive mood of Palm Sunday. There is no other way to see how strong the religious traditions are regarding the Holy Week except to visit the Catholics’ places of worship. The church of Bay, Laguna was the most likely choice for a Palm Sunday visit, being just a few kilometers away from where we currently stay.

Unfortunately, the mass was just starting. We could not stay longer as we still had to travel south. Thus, we contented ourselves in roaming the grounds – looking up again the huge buttresses of the church, visiting the side chapel, observing people’s activities, among other.

* some of the figures found inside and outside the church

* religious items sold around the church;
abanicos of course are not out place given the summer heat

* the day of the palms – palaspas or palm leaves being sold outside the church

* an eye-catching stained glass design on top of one of the church’s side doors

I earlier mentioned about the festive mood. This is my description as it felt like I am in the midst of a fiesta – balloons and toys for sale, fans, food, etc. One thing that would remind you that it is Palm Sunday was the palaspas laid along the church fence and along the pathway leading to the church.

What I missed seeing in the celebration of Palm Sunday in Bay was fulfilled in San Pablo City, which I will be sharing next.

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