Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sariaya, Quezon Street Houses at Sunset

* the mansion found adjacent to the Sariaya Church

* a close-up of one of the tallest portion of the mansion

* random houses; found just around the perimeter of the town park/plaza

* an Art Deco treasure preserved – the present town hall of Sariaya

* the descending darkness in the town proper signaled our departure; better visit on a sunny day next time

Following the visit to the Church of Sariaya, the grandeur of the houses that can be seen even from the church front was very irresistible. Indeed, Sariaya is one of the few places in the Philippines where you can imagine yourself brought back to an earlier period, with all those houses dominating the town proper.

I shall leave out for now the identification of the houses. The point of this present entry is to provide a preview of the houses in Sariaya. A revisit is yet to be made with the prime goal of visiting the famous Emralino Mansion and meeting the mansion’s owners and/or caretakers.

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