Sunday, April 24, 2011

Conquering Corregidor Island 2: Middleside

Corregidor Island is “divided” into four different sections or sectors namely: Topside, Middleside, Bottomside, and Tailside. Each section contains different structures that would tell the visitors many details about Corregidor’s past.

* a far view of the YMCA ruins; the open ground on the foreground is a campsite

* a wall in ruins – part of the Middleside Barracks

* Trailer Pransis striking a serious pose

* view of three-storey structure of the Middleside Barracks;
what we see here are actually the rear part of the barracks

* the curve seen on top of the wall on the far side of the photo could signify the main entrance of the Middleside Barracks

The Middleside part for me is only a transient part, functioning only to make the distinction between the Topside (which contains most of the batteries installed on the island) and the Bottomside (where most of the docks are found). But beside that, the Middleside is still a treasure for there we can find one of the frequently visited barracks – the Middleside Barracks. Spanning several meters, the Middleside Barracks are three-storey buildings. The barracks once housed the members of the 60th Coastal Artillery Regiment. Further up, one can find the hospital which is also a three-storey structure.

* a first look at the hospital in Middleside

* a closer view of the hospital which is also a three-story structure

Containing the bulk of the structures installed in Corregidor is found on the Topside. That would be next in this Corregidor series.

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