Saturday, January 1, 2011

Revisiting Pagsanjan, Laguna: The Houses in Mabini Street II

* view of a particular house ruins I have shared already

* simply beautiful

* standing gallantly!

* not from the Spanish era but definitely has an old look and feel to it

* American or post-American?

* I am always captivated by houses (whether new or old) that has driveways like this

* a piece of woodwork (an artwork? a bench? or simple a junk?) I found along Mabini Street

* yellow-colored one

* found just beside a small waterway

* old stone benches made in 1939

A happy new year to you, dear reader. This is just a continuation of the entry series about the houses in Pagsanjan, Laguna; particularly in Mabini Street. I entertained the idea of reducing these pictures to four houses per photo. But I went against this idea. These old houses deserve to be seen. They should serve as real world textbook pages to us; we have a culture that is in constant need of attention and cultivation. Will wrap up this series on the next entry.


  1. Hi,
    First happy new year to you! I am very glad that you visited Pagsanjan again. I have suggested to you to see the houses in Mabini St. and Hocson St;. In Garcia St. there is also old houses. I am from Pagsanjan, lived there for 24 yrs and now living in Sydney I bought a Typical Spanish style house in Hocson St. last year and restored it to the original. and it was, in one of your photograph. thank you for sharing..

  2. Hello Sir. It's nice to meet someone who has an interest in those kinds of houses. Looking into your Flick account, I now recall seeing your house. As a matter of interest Sir, how much did spend in purchasing a house like that? I have been wondering if I could save money and buy a colonial house in the next ten years. :)

  3. Hi there,
    Well I purchased it for Php 2.0 million pesos.
    what i am hearing is there are more houses of those kind (colonial houses) is for sale in Calle Rizal just after the Arco and also in Hocson st. Pagsanjan. Its up to you how you negotiate the price.
    In ten years there will be a lot of things can change, you never know what will be in the future.

  4. Woah. That house is really worth a lot.
    Better make necessary savings for a colonial house like that. It is a dream house actually. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. TO RC who purchased a house on Hocson street - which house on Hocson did you buy? I grew up on Hocson street mid-40s to late 50s then moved to QC, but I would go home for summer vacations, flores de Mayo, todos lo santos, holy week - until I migrated to US in 1968. My grandfather's house is 2nd on left (if going towards the river), right next to the ruins of the old municipal building on the corner. It is directly across the house of Epe Abaya. However, in the mid-60s my grandfather's house was torn down and a new house was built.

  6. Tabing ilog the house I bought is belong to Emil C. Del Rosario (Deceased). He inherited the said property from Lydia Cortes Abaya.
    Its good to hear someone like you who grew up in Hocson street as nobody can tell anymore about the property I purchased. its history and original owner? date when it was build? however there was month and year written under the stair of the house said 11/1913. would you be able to say any information or you can share to me?
    Thanks RC