Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lakbay sa Lumban, Laguna: The Lumban Houses

* ruins of what must have been a big house

It is quite disappointing to realize that we have lost many photos from Lumban, no thanks to a defective memory card. But then, I am quite thankful that few survived the memory card breakdown and I desire to share them here, at least to spark the interest of a chance reader to visit the town.

* shot against the sunlight

* a pozo found along a Lumban street

* the Lumban Academy, founded in 1949

* wood and capiz: lovely!

* I think it is good to just lounge by those windows in the afternoon (with a cup of coffee)

The town still has the general lay-out of Spanish origins. Streets were lined up which basically lead up to the town church. The proximity of the river to the church also invokes a serene atmosphere (I imagine small boats being rowed to Laguna de Bay during the Spanish times). Some of the houses there are made into shops for embroidered products. I think you can just walk into one of those shops and transact for your clothes needs. But reading through experiences posted by others online, they do not come cheap. Indeed, quality products have to be equaled by substantial amount. Well if you’re into clothes dear chance reader, you can visit and roam the town of Lumban for yourself.

As for me, it would be good to come back again to do just the same thing: obtain a Lumban product. Perhaps a barong for special occasions?


  1. The house shown in the first picture has already been restored. Nice to see