Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food for theTrails: The Different Faces of Coffee

* brewed coffee at the Manila Hotel

* another brewed coffee at 7-Eleven

* and another one, the kapeng barako, at Bibingkinitan! in SM

* when budget runs low and when in the barracks (home, that is), instant coffee is the king (together with the indispensable smoke)

Whether out on tour or contemplating about my next poem theme or blog entry, a cup of coffee proves to be one great companion. Despite financial constraints, I still find instant coffees good to taste. I have been quite vocal about my general disinterest to those ‘branded’ coffees (don’t want to mention names here) for I still believe that they are only readily available to those who can afford.

Hopefully, I would be able to share here how a locally found coffee, the kapeng barako, is made.

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  1. you ask me how kapeng barako is made...