Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Faces of U.P. Los Baños 2: UP Rural High School

* former UP Rural place, now OVC for Community Affairs

* former UP Rural place, now UPLB Math Building

* present UP Rural place at Bay, Laguna

One family member of the UPLB community is the U.P. Rural High School. Today the school is found at Brgy, Paciano Rizal (Mainit), Bay, Laguna where the construction of additional school buildings is currently underway.

But earlier it was still within the premises of the then U.P. College of Agriculture. The school was created in 1927 together with the Department of Agricultural Education. The first school building, which now houses the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (just behind the present College of Development Communication [CDC] Building initially served as a laboratory for teachers who were training for vocational agriculture. It officially opened on June 10, 1929. War came and it was soon made into a college preparatory school (the high school itself, more or less). In 1932, five students graduated from the said school.

That building became the school’s home until 1969. But I am not so sure if the next building that the school acquired was the present Math Building. But in any case, the Math Building has been U.P. Rural’s place (as have been popularly known through a MTV show that featured Ebe Dancel, a Rural alumni). Again, the school is now found at Bay, surprisingly far from the main UPLB campus.


  1. i have a school id of one of your student i grt it in the jeepney,,how can i back it to the student

  2. Hi. I am not really affiliated with UP Rural High School but you can contact the school through these numbers: (049) 5730093 / 5010389. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi. I lost my UPRHS ID. May I know the student number? :)

  4. May I know the student number?

  5. Hopefully the person who sent the comment about a lost UPRH ID will response to your query.

  6. Anu ano po ang mga ruta para makapunta ng UPRHS mula Los Banos?

  7. 1) Pwedeng pong sumakay ng tricycle mula sa Brgy. Maahas sa national highway.
    2) Pwede rin pong maghintay ng jeep sa parking lot ng dating opisina ng UPLB Chancellor (Admin Building) na papuntang Jubileeville, Bay, Laguna. Dadaan po ito ng UP Rural.