Wednesday, June 23, 2010

San Pablo City Chronicles IX: Sunsets in the City

* sunset shot, 2009

* sunset shot, 2010

I have mixed feelings right now. On one side is the anxiety over my job hunts and the future in store for them. And on the other is the excitement in realizing everyday that there are essentially an infinite number of things to be discovered in the outside world. Even a roam around our city would attest to that. These thoughts and feelings are merged in a somewhat shaky wish that I’d be able to do work (that is, to get a work) that would cater more to my interests. Many have said that we cannot always afford to be choosy in getting a job. But there is, I believe, a big difference if you have a work that is so close to you that you don’t consider it a work at all.

Anyway, anxiety is not resolved by alcohol or even smoke (as I have learned many times before). A short walk in the city is, and will always be, therapeutic. Posted here are two late afternoon shots from the city plaza. The quality is not that superior. Even if a high-tech camera was used, I believe the experience in seeing them yourself is far more superior to any other photo.

This may be my last SPC Chronicles entry for the present, as I have literally run out of photos to share. But hopefully I was able to share to you, chance reader, fellow San Pableño and fellow Filipino, the beauty of our city – combined with the simplicity and elegance found around. These chronicles may not have been the most exhaustive ones. But experience, fundamentally, is a personal thing. And in sharing these things about our city, some other people would hopefully be motivated to discover more things about San Pablo or to discover more things about the cities or towns where they reside.

And in fact, as I go along with this Back Trails enterprise, I get to realize that nature and history seems to have an intimate connection of some sort.

Mabuhay ang Lunsod ng San Pablo!

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