Sunday, June 20, 2010

San Pablo City Chronicles VIII: The Train Station

* waiting in abstraction – a man sitting on the waiting area of the train station

* the tracks!

* a not-so-inspiring morning view of the station, being made into temporary shelter by people and materials

I have expounded on my affinity towards trains and train stations in an article I included in the maiden issue of our LagosZine project. What I would want to share here now is a message of anticipation about the make-over of our local train station. I was already under the heavy thought before that travel by train will never be resurrected in our city, thus preventing me to travel by it to Bicol, a plan which has been brewing up in me since high school. In a few months time (perhaps years, I can’t really say exactly) it shall be overhauled.

A note on the construction of the railways in our city can be read at the Museo ng San Pablo Blog. Readings through the existing accounts of those turbulent years of the World War II reveal that the local train station was the scene of the emotional arrival of the released war prisoners from Capas, Tarlac, as told in moving words by our very own Juan Hernandez. History-wise again, just across the train station is the Banahaw Compound (currently up for sale) which was once used by the Japanese as their garrison. With regards to the contemporary time, the local train station was included in the music video of a song by Wickermoss.

As I have ended in my LagosZine article, I am looking forward in taking my first train ride (excluding my LRT and MRT rides, of course) from our local train station.

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