Thursday, July 1, 2010

Faces of U.P. Los Baños 3

* Up front – the entrance to UPLB

* The Upsilon Sigma Phi UPLB Campus Map; once suffered vandalism when their seal on this map was burned

* The UPLB Alumni Plaza, more commonly called the Carabao Park, the infamous ‘Kwek Kwek’ Tower can be seen beyond the park

*The carabao heads; for those who have just been in the university for a few weeks or months, it can be noticed that there is in fact a replica of the man (most likely a farmer) and his beast-of-burden on top of one of the carabao heads; you just have to be keen in looking for it; as for me, I only learned this just weeks before graduation

* facade of the Agricultural Economics building

*Remaining façade of the Agricultural Education building

*One of the almost rundown yet still standing big houses in UPLB, found within Catalan compound which contains numerous room and houses for rent

* A newly constructed stage for theatrical presentations; they have ingenuously made use of the ruins of the burned old Chemistry building as part of the stage set-up

* A wall presentation found on the corridor inside the College of Arts and Science Annex II showing the story of the college from its beginnings

Of all the structures that have taken my attention, those old buildings constructed before the war are the most interesting. I shall try to dig in to the structures themselves and perhaps their constructors. Definitely they were American influenced so at least there is a place to start from.

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