Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The P.I. 100 Tours Recollection 1

My P.I. 100 class simply overwhelmed me. Insightful class discussions. Historical info discoveries. Excellent teacher (Prof. Wensley Reyes). Active classmates. And best of all, one great outdoor trip.

As I did not have a camera during our trip, I shall resort to the use of the photos from my classmates. I hope that when they come across this entry they would, instead of scolding me for posting their shots, would enjoy a simple recollection of our class.

* Batangas Blades: the balisong of Taal, Batangas
[1 – from classmate Ana’s camera]

* a replica, so they say, of Jose Rizal’s childhood playhouse in Calamba, Laguna
[2 – from classmate Jova’s camera (Ms. Jovelyn Saligumba)]

* the house of General Paciano Rizal in Los Baños-Bayan, Laguna
[3 – from classmate Ana’s camera]

Our trip took us to some parts of Laguna and Batangas. I shall later detail on those places. Enjoy!

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