Saturday, April 17, 2010

The P.I. 100 Tours 3: Rizal Shrine, Calamba, Laguna

* replica(?) of a calesa that might have been used during the time of Rizal [1]

* statue of young Rizal with his pet dog, I thought it has name but I don’t remember now [1]

Rizal Shrine has been involved in a controversy recently when it suddenly turned green; avocado-green was the description I had of the place at that time. Opinions were thrown here and there, and Sir Ambeth Ocampo was even compelled to deal with the issue on his Inquirer column. One can look up on his Facebook page to learn more about his explanations about the controversial paint. Although I heard that plans are underway already to repaint it.

* a zoomed-in detail of a personal photo (cut away, of course) showing the green Rizal Shrine in the background

* pail used to get water from their well (which has now been turned into a wishing well) [2]

* view of the house across the street from Rizal Shrine, a note from Nick Joaquin’s book says that the headquarters of the Guardia Civil was situated there [2]

* batalan or banggera?, I get confused with these two [2]

* a view of the house, not yet green when this was shot [2]

* view of the St. John the Baptist Church as seen from the Rizal Shrine grounds [2]

The house of Rizals is found, says the book ‘Rizal in Saga’, on Calle Real, were most of the houses of the principales were found. Also the church, then just a chapel, the plaza, and the market.

* a scale of the Rizal Shrine, the ladies here are my classmates [3]

* one of Rizal’s famous quotations, actually a line from a poem said to be composed when he still young [3]

The house, as we all probably know by now, was destroyed and the contents and the house itself were looted. Through the efforts of the then President Elpidio Quirino, it was restored and inaugurated on 1950. The great Juan Nakpil was commissioned to direct the restoration of the Shrine.

For those who are interested to go to the shrine: from Manila, just board any bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna then drop off at Calamba-Crossing. Essentially from there, one can just hail a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to the Shrine. Good luck to the contracting drivers!

Next stop: Bulaklakin, Lipa City, Batangas

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