Thursday, April 15, 2010

The P.I. 100 Tours 2: Paciano Rizal House

* a statue of Paciano Rizal [3]

* some personal items open for public viewing [3]

* tombs(?) of Josefa Rizal and Trinidad Rizal [1]

It was I think, my first time to go to the town proper of Los Baños, despite having attended the university for several years already. I did not even know at that time that Paciano Rizal’s house is found in Los Baños. Thankfully, I still have surviving notes to reinforce my recollection.

As is widely known already, General Paciano Rizal was the brother of our national hero. He was born on March 9, 1851. During the revolution against Spain, he sought for support for the revolutionary forces as well as subscriptions for ‘Diariong Tagalog’. He was later named general of the revolutionary army.

He was also elected finance secretary in a certain departmental administration in Central Luzon. Later, he was to be assigned as military head of the revolutionaries in Laguna. He also joined in the Filipino-American War but was later captured in 1900. He died in his home in Los Baños on April 13, 1930.

Among the things that can be found inside are some photos of his grandchildren with the author Austin Coates, binoculars he used during the revolution, a pair of his shoes, and a Quiroga bed.

I have been personally attracted by the view of Laguna de Bay there and since that first visit, I have always frequented the park there, named after him. Sunsets are particularly exciting to witness there.

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