Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The P.I. 100 Tours 5: Casa de Segunda Part 1

* behold, Case de Segunda, 1880 [2]

* the descendant of Segunda, too bad our picture together with her was corrupted [1]

* looking into the Segunda stuff; that’s me on an Inquirer shirt [1]

* Rizal is somewhere here, if I’m not mistaken [1]

My first feeling upon reaching Case de Segunda (House of Segunda) was its proximity to the town proper of Lipa. I remember leaving Robinsons Lipa after lunch in our service van and we only took a few turns and there we were already, gaping into this huge house appropriately named to bring in tourists and visitors.
Of course, Segunda Katigbak was one of the many women who beheld the heart of our national hero. The descendant of Segunda, who welcomed us there, told us that the house is one of the few houses that fortunately survived after the Second World. Perhaps, it is true, but I thought I saw a number of really old houses around Lipa.

* a hat and coat rack?[1]

* reminds me of Amorsolo’s painting for Ginebra San Miguel [1]

* this is the ground floor of the casa, the cuadra or stable at the time of Segunda [1]

* muebles [1]

* a Segunda ancestor(?)[1]

Anyway, the place is a treasure. There is this chessboard where, they say, Rizal used to place chess on. There are also many different small statues and idols, clothes and other items related to the Segunda family.

Again, I could not help but wish that I could own one such house. Even if without those antique stuff; I could fill them in later. Just a house, just a house. Quezon is a treasure place to look into, and also the wonderful town of San Juan in Batangas (an entry would be posted about my visit there presently). Got to save money for it, if time would permit me to accomplish it.

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